The Importance of DUI Training

Lawyers do not come out of law school with DUI training.  In law school we learn more broad strategies rather than the advanced in-depth knowledge needed to defend DUI cases.

DUI is different from a lot of other crimes because there usually is not physical evidence present.  For example, in a shoplifting case, an officer may find the stolen merchandise in the defendant’s backpack.  In DUI cases, most of the evidence is breath and blood tests and to challenge these tests, an attorney needs to know the testing procedures, equipment and be well versed in the science behind these tests.

Advanced DUI training courses are held all over the country.  One of the best sources for this is the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD).  Every year they hold intensive training seminars which deal with advanced issues in DUI science as well as trial skills and techniques. I am a proud member of the NCDD and have learned a lot and use that knowledge for the benefit of my clients.

When facing a charge as serious as a DUI, you need to have knowledge and experience on your side.  You need an attorney who can stand up and fight the government and challenge their evidence.  To learn more, please call (702) 656-0808.

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