Nevada DUI Overview

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Being arrested for DUI/DWI is a serious matter. In addition to jail time, heavy fines, loss of driving privileges, increased insurance premiums and the social stigma that attaches, DUI arrests are extremely disruptive to your life. Time consuming trips to the court house, aggressive prosecutors and lengthy DUI classes/alcohol programs are just a taste of what a DUI defendant will face. Practical inconveniences aside, DUI cases are one of the most complex offenses to defend. DUI cases implicate constitutional issues and involve investigations and fact patterns spanning from roadside field sobriety tests to scientific chemical analysis. Given the severe and prolonged consequences of a Nevada DUI conviction, it is important that you retain a Las Vegas DUI lawyer whom you trust to provide you with focused, aggressive and persistent representation.

The DUI attorneys at DUI Lawyers of Las Vegas will meet with you for free to discuss the specifics of your case. We understand that not every DUI arrest or DUI charge is the same. Thus, not every DUI defense will be the same. At DUI Lawyers of Las Vegas, an experienced DUI attorney will discuss your case and strategize not only a DUI defense that is tailored to your facts, but a DUI defense that meets your goals and budget as well. The DUI lawyers at DUI Lawyers of Las Vegas have been trained and educated on the same DUI screening and arrest protocols as the officers and troopers that arrested you. We are educated and trained on drug recognition expert (“DRE”) protocols for “drugged driving” cases and have also been educated on standardized field sobriety tests that are used in both DRE arrest screenings as well as drunken driving arrest protocols. Our DUI lawyers have been trained by DOT certified breath technicians on breath testing devices and have also completed courses on issues surrounding blood evidence. Mr. Hayes has been educated and trained on the theory and operation of forensic chromatography by the same instructors that train and educate the DEA, FDA, DOD, ATF and FBI. The DUI attorneys at DUI Lawyers of Las Vegas are experienced and ready to protect your rights throughout all aspects of your DUI case.