Challenging Your Driver’s License Revocation

Challenging Your Driver’s License Revocation2023-08-28T18:04:57+00:00

Revocation of your Nevada Driver’s License

Driving in Nevada is not a right; it is a privilege.  Thus, the principle of innocent until proven guilty is not applicable with administrative driver’s license revocations in Las Vegas.  If an officer has arrested you and thereafter subjected you to an evidentiary test of your blood or breath, and the test results are alleged to be at or above the “legal limit,” your driving privileges will be automatically revoked.  There are no hearings or trials to first determine whether your traffic stop was constitutional, whether your arrest was constitutional or whether your blood or breath test was performed properly.  If you “fail” the test, your Nevada driving privileges will be immediately revoked.

Hire a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer to Attend your “DMV Hearing”

There is something you can do to challenge your revocation.  It is imperative that you hire an experienced Las Vegas DUI Lawyer before time deadlines have lapsed.  Once your driver’s license is revoked, you have 7 days to contact the DMV and request an “administrative hearing.” Now you may have heard that requesting an adminisatrative hearing is a waste of time because “you have no chance of winning” and/or that “it is a waste of money.”  Do not accept these pessimistic viewpoints.  While it is true that the DMV standard to find against you is far less stringent than the criminal standard (“beyond a reasonable doubt”), that is no reason to throw in the towell without a fight.  Requesting a DMV hearing will force the arresting officer to show up and establish several factors to “affirm” the legitimacy of your arrest and chemical testing.

The DMV Hearing is Crucial to your DUI Defense

You will have very limited opportunities to perform discovery in a Las Vegas DUI case. The administrative hearing will present your Las Vegas DUI Lawyer with an invaluable opportunity to cross examine the officer that arrested you. Often times, your Las Vegas DUI Lawyer can utilize the sworn testimony of the officer to assist with your criminal defense. The Hayes Law Firm will send an experienced DUI lawyer to represent you at the DMV administrative hearing free of charge. Contact a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer at The Hayes Law Firm for a free consultation today.