Out Of State DUI

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Do Not Ignore your Nevada DUI Charge

Because of its international resort appeal, Las Vegas attracts over 30 million visitors every year. Unfortunately, some of these visitors get arrested and charged with DUI. The most important thing for non-residents to know is that they cannot simply ignore their Nevada DUI charge and return to their home state. What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. If you fail to appear for your Nevada DUI charge, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. Eventually, you will be arrested in your home state and extradited back to Las Vegas, Nevada, to face your DUI charge.

Hire a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer to Represent You

The only option for a non-resident charged with DUI is the same as it is for a local – hire a Las Vegas DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Here at DUI Lawyers of Las Vegas, we understand and appreciate the seriousness of the offense in which you have been charged. We are knowledgeable of how your Nevada DUI could follow you home and are ready to protect your rights. Contracts can be executed over email or fax, phone consultations can replace in-person meetings and evidence can be exchanged and reviewed in the same manner. You will never have to return to Las Vegas (unless you decide to take your case to trial). If you are an out of state resident facing a Nevada DUI charge, contact the DUI Lawyers of Las Vegas today to schedule a confidential and free telephone consultation.

Will My Las Vegas DUI Impact My Home Driving Privileges?

Yes. Although Nevada does not have the jurisdiction to suspend or revoke your out of state driver’s license, every state in the country except 5 has entered into an “interstate compact” known as the Driver License Compact. The Compact is an agreement wherein all member states agreed to report and address driver infractions that occurred in other member states. Essentially, your home state DMV will treat your Nevada DUI as if it occurred at home. Thus, although you will only face criminal charges in Nevada, your driving privileges will be revoked in your home state (provided revocation is a penalty your home state assesses for the same offense) as well as Nevada. You need to contest the DUI charge in Nevada to ensure that you do not suffer avoidable consequences in your home state.