Additional DUI Penalties

While many people may think of jail, license revocations and fines when they think of DUI penalties, there are many other consequences you may face if convicted of DUI.  Here are some examples:

1. Increased Insurance Rates

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A DUI will definitely affect your car insurance rates.  It is common for these rates to triple or go up even more.  Depending on your driving and criminal history, your insurance company may even drop your coverage all together.  In this situation, a new company will heavily scrutinize your application.  In short, car insurance will become very expensive for a long time.

2. Effects on Employment

A DUI can affect your job and in some cases get you fired.  A good example of this is school teachers.  Even for a first offense, a school teacher may face disciplinary action in the form of a suspension or termination.  Being such a politically charged offense, it is common for MADD and other organizations to take up the cause and pressure the school board to take stern action against a school teacher.

Commercial truck drivers will also face heavy penalties even if the DUI occurred in their personal vehicle.  Not only will they face a license revocation, they are in jeopardy of losing their job because trucking companies do not want to hire drivers with DUIs on their records.

3. Travel Restrictions

Someone with a DUI will not be able to rent a car.  If you travel a lot this can become a big issue.  Also many countries will not issue visas to someone who has been convicted of a DUI.  Canada has such a rule and many people get turned away at the border.

4. Criminal History

A DUI will stay on your permanent criminal history forever.  It will not go away.  This means that any employer or credit agency that does a background check will see the DUI violation.  Now there are even apps that allow people to look up criminal history so anyone and everyone can know about your mistake.  This can make it difficult to get a job and can affect personal and professional relationships.

5. Sex Offense Public Humiliation

DUI carries a huge social stigma and the way these cases are handled, offenders can be publicly humiliated.  Even before anything has been proven, your name will appear on the internet upon arrest.  You will have a license revocation and will typically spend at least 8-24 hours in jail on the day/night of your arrest.  Your criminal history will be easily searchable online.  This can affect you professionally and socially.

There are many other ways a DUI can affect you.  To find out more, please call (702) 656-0808.

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