DUI Information for CDL Truck Drivers

If you make your living as a commercial driver, DUI can severely affect your profession and your future.

First Off

If you are a CDL driver, a conviction for a first DUI will result in a one-year license suspension.  (This will be bumped up to three years if you were transporting hazardous materials.)  This means you will be out of work for at least a year.  However, the story does not end there.  Even after the license revocation is over, you will have a very hard time finding work.  This is because, for liability issues, trucking companies avoid giving jobs to drivers with DUIs on their record.

Second Sex Offense Penalties

A second offense for a CDL driver means a lifetime CDL ban.  You will have to find another career.  With the job market the way it is, this may be a very difficult thing to do.  If you hold a CDL license in Nevada, your life and livelihood are at stake with a DUI charge.  You need an experienced DUI attorney who knows the law and science needed to defend these cases.  I have represented many CDL drivers and been successful in securing their professional future.  Please call (702) 656-0808 to find out more.

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