Mr. Hayes has a solid understanding of a wide range of defenses for someone who has been charged with DUI. He will tell you his honest opinion and won't give you a bogus answer just to get your business. He will take the time to explain the entire process and will look at your case from every angle possible. Dale was brutally honest about my case with a high BAC and knew we had an uphill battle. But, he never gave up and he was able to find a good defense by using several resources he has available. He was able to get the whole thing dropped down to reckless operation. I know I was happy and I know Dale was excited about this as well. Thanks Dale and I highly recommend anyone to talk to Dale if you find yourself in a similar situation.
DUI Defense
I was very lucky to have Mr. Hayes as my attorney (he came highly recommended by one of my attorney friends). He made everything very simple, minimized what I had to do and most importantly delivered more than expected. I felt I was in good hands and didn't have to worry about my case. Thank you Dale.
Thank you Mr. Dale Hayes Jr
I was charegd with mutiple felony drug related counts. Dale and his office were very organized and professional. Dale negotiated me a deal with the prosecutor to where i only had to plea to one misdemeanor petty drug offense.
Criminal defense client
I made the worst mistake of my life and was scared to death when I got a DUI this past Thanksgiving!! I had no clue who to trust and where to begin. I was referred to Mr. Hayes from a close friend who also used his services in the past and was beyond satisfied as well. I was so worried that I was going to spend another horrible amount of time in jail and was going to lose my license and even worse lose my job. Mr. Hayes was very knowledgeable and I was very surprised as to how charismatic and passionate he was for not only my case but DUIs alone. His staff was amazing and always helpful even though I would bother them with the smallest worries. He got me a VERY good deal and kept the DUI charge off of my record. I would recommend him to anyone that needs representation for a criminal case. Thank you Mr. Hayes!!!
I was so scared to have gotten a DUI, however after meeting with Dale i felt in was in great hands. As the case went on i new that i had chosen the right man for the job. Dale was always available, timely, organized, and prepared for my case when i needed him. If i ever find myself in this situation again i will always chose Dale Hayes Jr. As well as refer him to anyone i know for legal assistance
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