If you have been arrested for a DUI knowing what is going to happen next and dealing with those issues the right way could make all the difference in your case.  Simply put, if you have not contacted a lawyer yet- drop everything and call (702) 656-0808 now.  There are many time-sensitive issues which need to be handled to avoid automatic penalties like losing your license.  In fact, if you tested above the legal limit, this will trigger an automatic suspension of your driving license if you do not request a hearing.  There are hard deadlines and procedures which need to be fulfilled in order for you to have any chance of keeping your license.

You need to act now. If you delay, you could lose evidence which may be in your favor. It is routine procedure for the police to destroy the dash camera recordings after a period of time. If the video evidence was in your favor, then you would lose this critical piece of evidence. Witness testimony is another area where time is important. If there are people who can testify that you were not impaired, they need to be interviewed before they forget important details. Other pieces of evidence including restaurant receipts and surveillance videos can also be lost if you wait too long.

The best thing you can do for your case is get a professional DUI lawyer working for you immediately. The earlier you get an attorney involved, the stronger your chances of success are. Don’t wait or delay. Call (702) 656-0808 for a free, detailed case consultation. Attorney Dale Hayes, Jr. will examine the details of your case and inform you of what to expect.